A little disappointed at not having been able to open the labyrinth of the Crown to the public during the “Très Space III“, I meet you on Friday, August 24, 2018, from 21:00, for a Full Moon Maze Party .

Yes, I know … The Moon will actually be full on August 26, but 2 days before, it will be higher in the sky, and therefore more illuminating.

The labyrinth :

It is a labyrinth plant cut in a sloping plot of 2 hA and has 1700 m of trails and galleries, loops and cul-de-sacs.

Located in La Couronne, Cordes sur Ciel, it presents all the local species found in a worthy wasteland: brooms, wild olive trees, plums and cherries “domestic” and wild, as well as plum trees, wild roses, hawthorns, brambles … It is of course carpeted wild season flowers.

There is also an old well, a watering tank fed by the latter, a small spring often dried up in summer, and above all, our breathtaking view of the magnificent city of Cordes sur Ciel.


Full moon…

The Full Moon falls Sunday, August 26, 2018, two days before, the Moon, not even quite full, will be already high in the sky at dusk and will enlighten us at best. In love with the sky, we will install a telescope to admire our satellite which will enlighten us in the search for solutions. We have the date of August 24th. This will be an opportunity to observe craters, circuses and famous seas.

A little “escape game”

It is not so complicated to find the exit of this labyrinth. This is why the challenge is to solve a series of codes and enigmas scattered throughout the maze. The use of GPS is allowed. The course is timed (starts at any time) and the fastest time wins the cup. Possibility of playing alone or in teams. For this first-of-its-kind premiere, we will ask for 1 € of participation per person, the winner will receive an original prize.

Aerial view (Olivier Boisard – U3P)


Fresh and hot drinks can be found at our non-alcoholic refreshment bar. For members of the association Trespes, our bar at cost price will be open. It is possible to join on site. There are small places in the labyrinth where you can land or even “chill”. We will prepare a small atmosphere well to us …

Access, schedules

To come, as usual … From Cordes, direction Château de Boisse, it’s happening in La Couronne. The labyrinth will open at 21:00

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