We are mobilizing in Salles sur Cérou, Cordes sur Ciel, and all around to help the Ukrainians who have to flee their country.

France wants to be a welcoming country, and the Tarn in particular. Christophe Ramond, President of the Department of Tarn said: “I tell the Ukrainian people, the Tarn will be at your side!”

The town halls have begun to requisition the places of reception they have. Individuals who can also offer to take in people. There are specific arrangements for public assistance.

Humanitarian organizations are at work. Collections are being set up. We need everything here at home and in Ukraine.

We do not know what will happen tomorrow, but we know that people are already arriving from Ukraine in a few days by public services. We can get involved in this spirit of solidarity. We must anticipate their needs and prepare for their reception.

Cordes sur Ciel, town for Peace

Cordes sur Ciel - Ville pour la Paix
This will not be the first time in the rich history of our city that the Cordais offer their help and solidarity…

Since March 4, 2022, we have been a growing group of volunteers who will provide their support. If you also want to participate, you can contact us, put us in contact… You can also offer your contribution to other groups or organizations, it’s compatible… You can participate as you want and as you can…

How many Ukrainians can we take in?

As many as we can decently invite.

We need to communicate and network. We are setting up a mailing list for volunteers who want to join our Cordais Country team and be kept informed. You can subscribe at a newsletter. But today, this newsletter is no more active.

Fresque I salute with the utmost respect the courage and determination of Ukrainians to defend their country.